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ESTEVEZ MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, INC. (EMHI) respects your right to privacy and your right to be informed of how EMHI collects, uses and discloses your personal information or sensitive health data.  

EMHI is committed to ensuring the safety and confidentiality of your personal information that are under our control and in accordance with the Republic Act No. 10173 (or the Data Privacy Act of 2012 or “DPA”), its implementing rules and regulations and other applicable and related laws and regulations.

What personal information do we collect from you?

The following personal and health information may include the following, but are not limited to:

Information which may be used for identification purposes e.g., names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, other personal circumstances, contact information, occupation, religious affiliation, marital status, citizenship, educational background

Relevant contact information of relatives, guardian, or next of kin

Attending physician or family physician, other health consultants

Chief complaint(s) and medical history (such as, but not limited to, date of previous admission, existing illness, medication intake)

Vital signs (Blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate, etc.)

Copy of result of x-rays, scans, laboratory tests and other diagnostic results

PhilHealth details, Social Security System details, Government Insurance System details, and insurance details, Senior Citizen details, Person with Disability details, Pag-IBIG details, Tax Identification Number, National ID details, Driver’s license details

Other information as necessary

When and how we collect your personal information?

We collect your personal information:

Prior to, and while providing the services you are availing, we will ask you to provide us with certain Personal Data and Sensitive Health Information, including but not limited upon arriving at our entry points, admitting inpatient, outpatient, ER and other relevant departments

When you get in touch with us to ask about something, file a complaint or request for medical service

When you file for insurance claims and financial or medical assistance from other govt or private agencies

When you participate in various activities sponsored by us or any other organization acting on our behalf, such as trainings, conferences, focus group discussions, medical missions, blood donation drives and other similar activities

When you apply for a job with us

It is important that we collect accurate information about you in both electronic, paper-based forms, through; consultations, interviews for health assessment or administrative purposes, correspondence, by the telephone or mobile phone, via online and from relevant third parties.

Our doctors, nurses, technicians, administrative staff and other members of the hospital who are taking care of you may collect, document, use and store your personal information to ensure that you will be given the highest possible quality of patient care that you deserve.

If you feel that some of the information we collect are not necessary, please feel free to ask any of our staff so that we can explain to you why the information is needed and requested from you.

EMHI is s equipped with CCTV cameras 24/7 to help us ensure safety and security of the patients, clients, the employees and the buildings.

Why we collect your personal information?

It is important that we obtain personal information and sensitive data from you for:

Medical treatment of your health condition

Maintaining a record of the care and other services that you have received from EMHI

Better coordination between members of the healthcare team involved in the management of your medical treatment

Emergency cases, where necessary to protect your life and health, or to protect the life and health of another person; under existing to laws, hospitals are authorized to collect, use, disclose and store your health information even without your consent in cases of life threatening emergencies

Reporting requirements. Information about diseases and other conditions may be reported to the Department of Health (DOH) or other agencies, as authorized by laws and regulations.  Your health information will also be disclosed to the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) as provided by law.

Processing of admission, billing, social welfare assistance and insurance claims.  Your information may be used and disclosed to process your hospital bill, and if applicable, to facilitate reimbursement of the hospital bill

Historical, statistical, operations, or scientific purposes.  Your information may be used to generate data that would help the hospital to enhance our services

Contacting you personally for appointments and follow ups, preparation of statistical data pertaining to the operations of the hospital for quality assurance and financial reporting

Your personal information will be processed as part of our hospital operations. This includes our general business management operations, quality control and assessment, employee and/or staff evaluation, trainings of hospital personnel and financial performance reporting

Who has access to your personal information?

The Hospital will disclose your Personal Information to physicians and healthcare providers practicing in the hospital or to healthcare providers providing outsourced services to the hospital.

There are instances that we share your personal data to government agencies which lawfully collects information. For instance, the Department of Health (DOH) requires submission of relevant personal information of patients with certain non-communicable and communicable disease, injuries, etc. for purposes of disease surveillance and monitoring.

Performance of a legal obligation. We may also share personal information to fulfil legal mandate/s like when ordered lawfully to do so by a court or a government agency or public authority.

We may also share personal information with our service providers, partners, affiliates and related entities who provide products and services to the hospital for the same purpose as explained above.

What are Your rights to your personal information?

You are afforded certain rights under the Privacy Laws, particularly as mandated by the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

You have the right to reasonable access to your personal data, upon demand. You may ask our Medical Records Section for contents of your medical records by providing the following:

1. Your written request 2. Identification Card issued by the government 3. Authorization letter, for representatives 4. Receipt of payment

You have the right to request a copy of personal and health information that we hold about you, as well as to ask for it to be corrected if you think there is anything wrong.

You have the right to object to, or withdraw consent that may have been given for, certain processing like trainings, conferences, and focus group discussions.

You have the right to suspend, withdraw, or order blocking, removal or destruction of your personal data from our filing system if you have substantial proof that your rights are violated or that your data are incomplete, false or unlawfully obtained; or processed for unauthorized or unlawful purpose.

Transmissibility of your Rights. Upon death or incapacity, your rights may be transferred to your lawful heirs.

How We Secure and Protect Your Personal Data 

Only authorized personnel have access to your personal information in our files.

We have set-up adequate, technical, physical, and organizational security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access and disclosure.

We store your personal data in accordance with period provided by the Department of Health for retention of medical records.

We store your personal data in our Medical Records Section.  Our records, in both paper base and electronic format, is accessible to authorized personnel only.  Our facility is equipped with 24/7 surveillance camera (CCTV).

How long will we keep your data?

We store your personal data in accordance with period guidelines and limitations provided by governing agencies, such as, Department of Health (DOH), Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), Local Govt Units (LGU), among others, for retention of medical records and Bureau of Internal Revenue for financial documents. We will take reasonable steps in disposing or discarding your personal information in a secure manner that would prevent further processing, unauthorized access, or disclosure to any other party or the public, or prejudice your rights as a data subject.

How can you contact us?

If you have complaints, suggestions or concerns about this notice, you may contact us (052) 480-4021 local 6004 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Attention: Data Privacy Officer.

EMHI shall promptly investigate all complaints regarding our compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012. All privacy complaints shall be treated in a confidential manner.



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